You wouldn’t expect your car to run without petrol and regular maintenance, would you? But some sportspeople think they don’t need to fuel their bodies when they are training.

We are going to share a secret with you: abs aren’t made on the treadmill or in the gym alone, they’re also made in the kitchen. And according to sports nutritionists, without the right diet and supplements, you will never get the results you are working so hard for.

When it comes to health and fitness, you really are what you eat. The truth is, before you even start thinking about fitness goals and ripped torsos, you should be looking at the food you are fuelling your body with.

Abs Start in the Kitchen, Not in the Gym

When asked which is more important, exercise or nutrition, can you guess what most people answered? Yes, most people responded with exercise, but they were wrong. Sadly you can’t out-train bad nutrition, especially if you are a serious athlete or sportsperson.

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