Ghost Fitness is an independent fitness company established in 2015. Our aim is to provide reliable fitness equipment and accessories to both experienced and newbie gym goers. We distribute all of our products through Amazon. If you’re looking for wholesale items or would simply like to get in touch, visit our contact page.

Ghost Fitness Logo
Ghost Fitness Logo

Established by Tom Buckland, our aim is to be the UK leader in gym accessories, slowly growing our product range without sacrificing quality or service. You can keep up with our company news, discounts and offers on the blog.

2016 Update

In 2016 which was our first official year of trading we launched 3 new products all of which have been received well by the fitness community and athletes who have used our equipment and accessories. These products are: wrist straps (for pulling exercises such as the deadlift), wrist wraps (for pushing exercises such as the bench press) & Gym Leggings (Compression training leggings for women).

During 2017 our aim is to launch 5 new products. The order of which will vary depending on how quickly we can develop the perfect prototype and then how quickly this can then go into manufacturing. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.