Our philosophy is simple: train hard, recover harder.

Simply put, stress + recovery = adaption. According to our experts, strength gains don’t happen during your workout but rather during recovery. When you train, your body goes through various stages before it adapts to the next level of performance, which is known as supercompensation. Supercompensation is the fourth stage, and it must be preceded by fitness, training and recovery.

We understand the importance of a smooth recovery for your overall fitness and strength. That is why we are able to advise on the best anti-inflammatory gel, magnesium supplement, knee support and kinesiology tape post workout. You can also lower recovery time with powerlifting wrist wraps, weight lifting belt and powerlifting straps.

Use Your Muscle or Lose It

Pushing your body is one thing, but if you keep training without adequate rest, you won’t benefit from the supercompensation effect, and you won’t experience higher levels of performance.

Remember, if your training schedule is too intense, supercompensation won’t occur. If it’s too easy, there will be very little or no adaptive response.