At Ghost Fitness, we understand the importance of sleeping. With adequate sleep, athletes cycle faster, run farther and are even able to lift more weight. It is an imperative part of any training program.

So, do you factor it into your routine? And are you getting enough?

Your Body Works While You Sleep

Excercise, nutrition and recovery are all crucial components of your training, but sleep is a fourth factor that is often overlooked.

Sleep is crucial for cognitive function and for regulation of the central nervous system. It also helps keep your immune system run as it should. For athletes, however, it is the time where the concentration of the growth hormone is at its highest. This means you are not only getting the rest you need, but your muscles are also growing and repairing themselves.

Have you ever heard about sleep debt? You fall into it when you train without sufficient sleep. While you might get through one or two workouts, it will catch up to you eventually and lead to compromised training and even illness.

The Training Triangle

The essential training components include training, nutrition and sleeping, and when one is ignored or neglected, the other two are impacted negatively. This is why at Ghost Fitness, we place the same importance on recovery and sleep as we do on training and nutrition.

Let us help you through every stage of your training so you can be the best athlete possible.