Chances are pretty high that you’ve heard about the potential benefits of CBD, the component of the cannabis plant without any psycho-active effects that has been exploding in popularity as a health product across the globe.

Our readers have been displaying a growing interest in CBD oil, and with the Cannabis Trades Association UK now representing over 4,000 businesses, the time to ignore this new supplement has passed.

Studies show that CBD provides excellent recovery benefits for athletes, especially in terms of aiding a natural sleep, reducing inflammation and helping to manage pain.

The only problem is, not all CBD products are as effective as their manufacturers would have you think. Since the CBD oil industry is fairly new, regulation is currently pretty limited. As a result, it can be a challenge to differentiate the genuine high quality products from the rush jobs just trying to profit off the new trend.

If you’re interested in trying CBD oil, you deserve to be able to get a high-quality product for a decent price, instead of getting ripped off with an overpriced product with low CBD content.

In order to help you make the right decision, we’ve put together this list of the top 7 best CBD oils in the UK – and we’ve also broken down the pros and cons of each individual product and recommended our pick for certain results, for example, the best CBD oil for insomnia and the best CBD oil to vape.

So without further ado, join us as we separate the wheat from the chaff and find out who deserves to be crowned king of the UK CBD industry:

1. Evopure Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

best cbd oil in the uk

Whereas some brands are aiming to be the next household brand name in UK CBD, Evopure is more like a friendly local brand doing things for the love of CBD, and it shows, both in their product and website.

For a start, their web page is filled with all of the right buzzwords:

  • 100% organic
  • 100% lab tested (results are posted on their site)
  • Completely GMO-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Full Spectrum

In other words, if there is a positive that can be applied to a CBD oil, it applies to Evopure’s product, and they go even further into things like:

  • 100% recyclable packaging with zero plastic
  • 1% of profits go to fighting climate change
  • They provide the only 30-day Happiness Guarantee in the UK for CBD products right now

All of this makes it difficult to choose another brand over Evopure, especially when the product itself is of such a high quality and yet is still somehow priced on the lower side of the competition.

Evopure’s CBD oil comes entirely from organically grown hemp sativa plants, with no ingredients from anywhere else. This includes using hempseed oil as the carrier oil, and even the terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids come directly from the hemp plant instead of being added artificially later. This results in an ideal ratio and perfect execution of the “entourage effect”.

In other words, the benefits of the plant come across exactly as nature intended, something few other CBD products in any country can say.

best cbd oil in the uk

Another interesting thing about Evopure is its educational content. They post regular blog posts and academic looks at the CBD industry as a whole and the science behind it. Many of the brands on this list have similar blogs, but the difference is that Evopure’s don’t just exist to market their products – they seem 100% honest, written out of love for CBD, and don’t simply position their own products as the solution to every issue. This is unique amongst this list and worthy of praise in itself.

It’s clear from Evopure’s website that they are CBD lovers since excitement and enthusiasm oozes out of every page or blog post, but more importantly, their CBD oil does everything right from the field to packaging, and this is why they are our recommendation for the best CBD oil in the UK.

No matter which product from the list you end up going for, Evopure is a name to keep an eye on in the near future – and our choice for the best CBD oil available in the UK at the current time.


  • Full spectrum CBD from industrial hemp plants grown in the EU
  • The full range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
  • 100% organic and GMO-free
  • Lab tested with results posted online
  • They post regular high-quality educational content and interesting looks at CBD as a whole
  • Amazing value considering their CBD oil is cheaper than most lesser competitors


  • Very difficult to find any. As a new brand, they only offer CBD oil and have yet to launch any other products such as capsules etc, but in all honesty, this is the best way to take CBD anyway!

2. Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Oil

hempura cbd oil

Hempura creates some very high-quality CBD oils that also come in a convenient range of strengths, making it easy to find the one that works for you. Not only do Hempura lab test all of their products, but they include the results for each batch in the package so you can check yourself what your bottle specifically contains.

It’s also a full spectrum CBD oil produced in the UK from hemp plants and they offer a variety of other products including:

  • Vape e-liquid
  • CBD capsules
  • Some small, unique CBD chocolates that are a joy to melt under the tongue

Looking at Hempura’s website, it almost feels like they push their wholesale, dropshipping and affiliate programmes more than they push the product itself, which is interesting and makes it seem like they are hoping to become a big brand along the lines of the Maximuscle of CBD via other people’s marketing efforts, as opposed to the friendly local CBD market that Evopure feels like.

Whereas Hempura’s product isn’t quite as good as Evopure, it’s still a great standout and their increased focus on marketing and growth may well allow them to reach this goal.


  • High-quality CBD oil with lab certificates included
  • Your choice of strength
  • Vegan
  • Full spectrum CBD oil


  • It tastes pretty bad even compared to other unflavoured CBD oils, which can be a dealbreaker or a non-issue, depending on you
  • The company itself comes across a little corporate and impersonal

3. Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil

best cbd oil for anxiety

Love CBD’s Dutch CBD Oil is one of the strongest full spectrum CBD oils on our list, containing a huge 2,000mg of CBD per bottle and comes in a spray bottle similarly to CBD Life’s product (more on that below).

The difference is that each spray contains a whopping 16mg dose of CBD. With it also being a full spectrum CBD oil, we would recommend this as the best CBD oil for anxiety since it provides benefits such as:

  • Easy to use spray for rapid-acting doses
  • Sizeable dose per spray for convenient use as soon as you spot the signs of an oncoming panic attack

Love CBD is a family business in Suffolk who lab test their products regularly and are making huge strides for the CBD industry in the UK.

This would be a potential contender for number 1 on our list if it wasn’t for the fact it isn’t fully organic – meaning it’s hard to recommend over options that are, for obvious reasons.

It’s still doing great in a lot of other ways though, so if organic CBD isn’t important to you, it could still be an option worth considering.


  • Convenient spray bottle and large dose, ideal for anxiety sufferers
  • Vegan
  • Full spectrum CBD oil


  • An expensive option (500mg bottle is £29.99, 2000mg bottle is £129.99)
  • Not organic
  • Not the best taste

4. CBD Life Full Spectrum CBD Oil Spray

best cbd oil for pain

CBD Life has created this great CBD oil that wins our recommendation for the best CBD oil for pain. A big part of the reason for this is the convenient spray format and the fact that each spray provides exactly 5mg.

This means that CBD Life users can:

  • Quickly spray CBD oil under their tongue whenever necessary, even when out and about or engaging in sport
  • Easily work out the correct dose simply by using more than one spray
  • Absorb CBD as quickly as possible

It’s important to note that dissolving CBD under the tongue is the quickest way to absorb it into the body, so the spray function also makes this the ideal way to get a rapid CBD dose if your pain symptoms are becoming too unbearable.

This is also a full spectrum oil with the full range of cannabinoids and all of the benefits this entails.

We will say, however, that these bottles run out rapidly, and if you’re somebody with severe or chronic pain, you will likely want to go for something either stronger or simply in a larger container, as this will be easily exhausted in just a few days.

In that case, we would recommend going for Love CBD for the higher CBD content or Evopure for the overall higher quality ingredients – but for those with milder symptoms and those who just need to use CBD every now and then as opposed to daily, CBD Life will work just fine.

One downside is that it uses MCT oil as a carrier, which they list as a positive on their site due to the fact it contains omega fatty acids and helps to balance hormones and improve brain function.

While studies do support some health benefits from MCT oil, most CBD oils use hemp oil itself as their carrier oil, and since people looking for CBD oil are looking for the benefits the hemp plant provides, we would prefer it done that way.


  • Handy spray makes it ideal for quick dosing on the go or managing pain
  • Good quality full spectrum CBD oil


  • MCT oil, while beneficial, is a strange choice and no substitute for hemp oil or even hempseed oil
  • The texture and unflavoured taste may take some getting used to

5. Love Hemp E-Liquid

best cbd vape oil

Another UK brand that’s thinking outside of the box, Love Hemp offers a wide range of products including:

  • Hemp spring water (!!)
  • CBD body salve
  • Atomiser sprays

…although they actually win a spot on our list for their e-liquids, which are, in our humble opinion, the best CBD vape oil in the UK.

The e-liquid is made from full spectrum CBD and contains a range of beneficial extracts from the hemp plant, and it comes in some awesome flavours like Grape and Custard Cream.

This is a great option for those who are looking to dabble in vaping CBD or even who are looking to quit smoking (or vaping nicotine) as the flavour is light and pleasant and the overall vaping experience is 10/10, although we will say the overall CBD content is fairly light and if you’re looking to regularly use CBD to treat a condition, you may want to go for something a little stronger.


  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • Perfect for first time CBD vapers
  • Amazing flavours
  • Extracted from organic hemp
  • Creates a great cloud


  • Relatively low in CBD content

6. Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Oil

holistic hemp scotland

Based in Scotland, Holistic Hemp Scotland is to be commended for several things:

  • EU-grown hemp
  • Full spectrum CBD oil
  • Zero artificial pesticides or fertilisers
  • Added cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
  • Decent price of £35

While their CBD drop tinctures are good quality and worthy of consideration, this is another company that is aiming to go about the CBD/cannabis industry in a slightly different way, offering a range of unique products such as CBD-infused pastes, coffees, dab wax, and even CBD honey.

Although adding cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids is a good selling point and shows they care about the efficacy of their product, you should be aware that this is never quite as good as a product where they occur naturally due to the presence of the entire plant, as this results in a more natural ratio of each ingredient.

Apparently, they are planning to launch a hemp-based tea in the near future too, which is worth looking out for if that’s something that interests you.


  • A unique range of products with a little bit of something for everybody and several you probably never thought of before
  • Full spectrum CBD sourced from organic hemp


  • The non-tincture products such as the CBD-infused paste are very difficult to get an accurate dose with
  • The CBD is added separately to the other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. While their presence is good, it’s much better for them all to come together directly from the same plant, as this means they are all in the correct ratios giving us a true, natural “entourage effect”

7. Good Hemp Hempseed Oil

hempseed oil

The first offering on our list is actually highly unique because Good Hemp doesn’t focus CBD oil supplements, tinctures or e-liquids – they focus entirely on edible products such as:

They do offer a good quality CBD oil tincture too, but it’s beaten out by the higher ranked offerings here. When it comes to Good Hemp, it’s their unique approach and creativity that wins them a spot on this list.

Whereas Good Hemp probably won’t be your first port-of-call for concentrated CBD products to help treat a specific condition or manage pain, their products provide an easy and enjoyable way to eat more healthily. Replacing dairy milk with hempseed milk or cooking with hempseed oil instead of vegetable oil will give you trace amounts of CBD and help you cut down your fat intake as well as improve your overall diet thanks to the vitamins and minerals included.

This is also our recommendation for the best hempseed oil for cooking.


  • An exciting new way to add small amounts of CBD to your diet
  • A unique approach to hemp and ways to use it
  • Even ignoring the benefits of CBD, these are just great all-round health products!


  • Low CBD content and not recommended as a treatment for specific conditions

Now that we’ve listed our top 7 favourite CBD oils, let’s take a look at our recommendations for CBD oils for specific issues or ailments:

Best CBD oil for pain/Best CBD oil for back pain

best cbd for back pain

CBD Life wins this thanks to its convenient spray bottle and ideal dosage per spray that make managing your pain symptoms while going about your daily business as easy as it reasonably could be.

Read a study on CBD’s impact on pain here!

Best CBD oil for anxiety

best cbd for anxiety

Similar to our above recommendation for pain, Love CBD‘s offering also comes in a handy spray bottle but with a larger dosage, making it the perfect quick treatment when you feel a panic attack looming, or even to help you calm down quickly when experiencing social anxiety.

Read a study on how CBD can help treat anxiety here!

Best CBD oil for sleep

best cbd for insomnia

The best CBD oil for insomnia or to help manage restless sleep would be Evopure’s Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil. This is because it provides the full, natural benefits of the hemp plant, untainted by differing ratios of ingredients, pesticides or unnecessary additions. This means it’s technically the only CBD oil on this list that provides exactly what nature intended when it comes to interacting with and helping to calm the endocannabinoid system.

Read a study on how CBD helps to manage sleep and fight insomnia here!

Best CBD oil for vaping

best cbd for vaping - Best CBD Oils UK: The 7 Best CBD Oil Products in 2019!

Love Hemp’s CBD e-liquid is light, pleasant and comes in some incredible flavours, making it by far our favourite CBD e-liquid so far. It’s perhaps a little light on CBD for some, but for newcomers looking to dip their toes in, this may well be a plus too.

Best CBD oil for depression

best cbd for depression

If you are suffering consistently from depression or suicidal thoughts, we would highly recommend getting professional medical help as early as possible, as quality help is always available in the UK and some cases of depression are caused by serious mental health illnesses or brain chemical imbalances that require treatment.

With that said, research studies have found a beneficial link between CBD and depression, and regular CBD use may well help to manage some of the less extreme symptoms.

For this, we would recommend Evopure’s CBD oil since it is the most natural and therefore doesn’t include GMO, pesticides, ingredients not from the hemp plant, or anything else that could lead to unwanted results.

Best CBD oil for fibromyalgia

best cbd for fibromyalgia

For milder cases of fibromyalgia we would refer you to our above recommendation for pain, but in more serious cases Love CBD may be a better option due to it’s larger bottles allowing for more regular use without running out.

Read a study on the effects cannabinoids can have on fibromyalgia here!

Best CBD oil for migraines

best cbd for migraines

Studies into CBD’s beneficial effects on migraines are among the most conclusive of all CBD studies so far, meaning every product on this list is likely to be beneficial for migraine sufferers.

If we had to recommend one, however, it would be Evopure for its dedication to pure, natural, organic ingredients, especially since the effects of pesticides in worsening migraines and headaches are well documented.

Best hempseed oil for cooking

best cbd oil for cooking

Good Hemp’s original hemp oil and extra virgin hemp oil take this category by storm, and while hempseed oil doesn’t provide the health benefits that hemp oil does, foodies or athletes looking for the healthiest way to cook need to be aware of this.

That’s it for today’s post, but if you have any CBD product recommendations that we might have missed or would like a recommendation for a CBD product to help manage a condition that isn’t listed here, get in touch!

Otherwise, keep your eyes on Ghost Fitness for our next useful post!

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Paul McDonald is a complete nerd around anything regarding health and fitness. His background in martial arts, CBD and nutrition help him to review the latest and greatest health products via Ghost Fitness.